Infusing my design projects with vitality and creativity

Have a look at some case studies on projects I have worked on and am still working on

  • Oya! User App

    Oya!, a platform dedicated to providing seamless transportation solutions for road travellers in Ghana. Oya!s tagline lets go reflects their commitment to making travel efficient and hassle-free.


  • Mirage

    A Quality-Focused Design System & UI Library for Developers and Designers with a Focus on Accessibility and Smart Variants. Create exceptional user interfaces with 100% auto layout and an extensive library of meticulously crafted components and layouts


  • ProcratiGO

    Stay on Track and Stay Engaged with an Effective To-Do List App.


  • Oya! Accounts App

    Improving User Experience for Oya! App Users: Optimizing Access to Account Settings.

    Comming Soon

  • Oya! Website

    During the design process, my priority was the users perception of the platform and company. Focused on a simple and clean presentation.

    Coming Soon

  • Venda

    A D2C e-commerce platform - the perfect solution for informal and formal retailers to easily order products on demand, access a wide range of products, and solve logistics problems with ease

    Coming Soon