Project Timeline

1 Month

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Problem Statement

Despite the negative impact it has on us, people often find themselves succumbing to procrastination, choosing immediate gratification over crucial tasks and long-term goals. This widespread issue leads to missed deadlines, unfulfilled dreams, and a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction. As someone who struggles with procrastination on a daily basis, I recognise the need for an app that can help users break this cycle and achieve their full potential.


The goal is to develop an app that will help people to be more organised and to prevent them from postponing their activities. This app reminds users to perform their tasks.

Discovery:Research & Analysis

To gather more specific insights within a limited timeframe, a questionnaire was chosen as a research tool in addition to desk research. The research objectives include exploring how often people tend to procrastinate, understanding the reasons behind procrastination, and examining the impact of postponing activities on people's lives.


Based on the interviews and surveys

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User Persona

Some personas were created in order to represent archetypes of actual users that might need this service.

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Design Solution

To ensure the design fully correlate to the reach, I mapped out my key insights and derived potential features that would address each user issue.

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Keep it all in check

Quickly create tasks thanks to the to-do function. Set reminders for specific days and times, so you can easily keep track of your commitments.Plus, prioritise your tasks with ease to ensure you always stay on top of what's important.

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I understand that typing out tasks can be stressful at times. With the voice-to-text function, you can simply speak your tasks and have them transcribed into text.This feature is designed to ease the pain of task management and make your life more convenient.

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Colors & Typography


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